MiniBootcamp for Partner-School Teachers (Module 2)


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Using any kind of Learning Management System for the first time would require a better understanding of the “system structure” and its settings/features. It is like learning how to shift from “manual driving” (face-to-face teaching) to “automatic driving” (online/digital teaching).

At first, you may be overwhelmed with the features of the Learning Management System ( or like your new automatic car), but it is actually developed to help you “automize” and manage well your learning contents.

Another advantage in creating and storing your “digital learning contents” is that you can “reuse” all your content even on the next School/Academic Year or after many years. The first few months will be your transition period, but we are like our students that need to appreciate more the long-term benefits of having new competencies in creating online learning content.

The next School/Academic year will be much easier since you will only enhance or edit some of your created learning content.

This Module 2 of MiniBootcamp for Partner-School Teachers aims to equip you with additional knowledge and skills in creating your online learning content. There are quizzes and assignment/s included in this module for you to experience and practice the tips and tricks shared by our team.

Thank you again for being one of our Partner-School Teachers! Enjoy Learning!

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