Building Confidence in Delivering Presentations

1. The Importance of Presentations

2. What You Need to Know Before Developing Your Presentation

3. Factors that Build Your Confidence in Delivering Presentations

a. Your PURPOSE for the Presentation

b. PREPARING Yourself to Present

c. Putting in the Right Kind of PRACTICE

Designing and Developing Your Presentation

1. Building Your Core Message

2. Easy-to-Follow Presentation Patterns for Different Types of Presentations

3. Attention-Getting Openings

4. Ending Your Presentation with Power

5. Developing Your Presentation around Your Core Message

6. Tips to Making Engaging PowerPoint Slides

Delivering Your Presentation

1. Your Presentation Style

2. Three Steps to Powerful Presentations

a. Make Then Feel Safe (Building Rapport)

b. Make Them Feel Good (Building Anticipation thru Stories)

c. Make Them Feel Happy (Keeping It Light)

3. Presentation Influencers

a. Use of Words

b. Vocal Variety

c. Body Language

4. Listening and Asking Questions (Facilitation)

5. Answering Questions and Handling Objections

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